Celebration IV – pt. 6 – & now the end of the story


It was going to be our busiest day. The entire Digital Theatre crew had to report at 9:30am. First job: track down the posters. 3,000 posters.

Someone thought they were in the main office but when we got there, we heard they’d been delivered to the stage. Posters? anyone seen 3,000 posters? Oh… is that what those 2 boxes that weigh 20 lbs. each are? We check the boxes and discover that the posters are wrapped in plastic, 100 in each package. Do you know how long it takes carefully strip plastic off exclusive posters in a public hallway while fans walk by and want to take a few off your hands? Next problem: where do we keep the posters until the end of each show? We can’t leave them outside because all of us have to be inside during the show. We found a good hiding place and got ready for the crowds.

We had extra help assigned for crowd control. Between 10:30am and 2:30pm, there would be 3 repeats of the highly anticipated SW Animated TV Series Behind the Scenes show. LFL had been saying for weeks that there would be no footage… but we were in the Digital Theatre! C’mon! Every show was packed with nearly 1,000 in the theater. Many had waited in line more than an hour to get in.

David Collins, our stage host, interviewed the producer, Katherine W. and director Dave F. One of the funniest stories was about the phone call Dave got about the job. He thought friends were playing a joke a him and didn’t believe it when someone from LFL called. They showed a short film introducing the crew working on the show and their work environment – they kept hiding their computer screens so the audience couldn’t see any detail! Then they finally gave the audience what they wanted: first peek at the trailer for the show. The crowds went wild! They showed it twice for each show. (It’s now available on starwars.com.) As I mentioned in an earlier post, it looks fantastic! Gotta wait until fall 2008 to see it on tv! hmm… maybe I’ll get that HDTV plasma screen by then! Folks who saw the show also got their exclusive poster as they exited the theater. It was a little hairy since the stage manager wanted everyone to exit out the back door. 1,000 through 2 double doors, all wanting a poster. I think there were 6 or 8 of us distributing them. We stationed posters at the side doors for the 2nd and 3rd shows. Much better. (Wiebe, one of our crew, was good enough to make sure all the crew got signed posters!)

I didn’t hang around for the 3-4:30pm Tattoo contest. You can check out info about the contest over at the official SW blog. But I went back at 5 to check out Pink Five. I’d heard about it but never had time to explore. Pink Five is a rebel pilot/valley girl and the original film was a fan film award winner back in 2003. Definitely a must see for any SW fan. The director and actor were both there talking about how they got started, then they showed all the films and debuted a sneak preview of the latest episode. Lots of fun!

Sunday night. Tired of the turkey sandwiches and caesar salads at the convention center, we went back to the Westin to get Chinese food at the food court! Crashed by 10pm. Have to get up at 4am to catch a plane back to KC.


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