How I spent my Friday night

Nothing like a trip to the emergency room just when you’re about to doze off for the evening.

No. 2 son, the cheerleader, had gone to the gym – that is, the gymnastics center – to work on his tumbling. The phone rings around 9pm. He landed on his foot wrong. It hurt. It was swelling. He could walk on it – sort of. He thought he could drive. He decided to go to his girlfriend’s house where he iced it and consulted with her parents and their neighbor. No one thought it was broken but just to be sure there was no hairline fracture, he headed to the ER where I met him around 10pm.

His ankle looked like it had a baseball stuck in it. They x-rayed the ankle and pronounced that he had a bad sprain. They wrapped it up with an ace bandage and gave him an air cast.

Guess he won’t be tumbling for the next few weeks. He’s supposed to go to cheer camp on July 21. Hmm…


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