The week in review

Vacations and ALA made for a quiet week for those of us who chose to work.  I had very few meetings, which meant I had more time to go back through old email and files to ensure I hadn’t dropped the ball on something! I was even able to spend more time than usual on NASIG work.

I had a few individual meetings with my staff. The assoc. dean has asked everyone to prepare their professional development requests for the new fiscal year, so I am gathering information from my staff and placing it in a spreadsheet. The word is out that professional development funds may be a bit tighter, with more being alloted for programmatic travel/training. Our new strategic plan will guide the decision-making.  This topic also came up at our management team meeting. I hope I didn’t come across as all doom-and-gloom!

Other items of interest

  • conference call with Ex Libris about our Verde implementation. It looks like we’ll be training in October.  (That reminded me to put a place holder in the FY08 professional development budget for next year’s ELUNA conference.)
  • reviewed license for a new database we’re able to purchase with end-of-year funds; emailed the vendor about the state contractual provisions addendum that must be included. There are 2 or 3 more licenses on my desk that I need to complete in the coming week.
  • reviewed processes for recording information in our contract database, e-database spreadsheet, purchase orders & invoices, and LAN licenses directory with the monograph acquisitions librarian. His role in e-resource management is growing.  It will be wonderful to have a fresh set of eyes participating in these processes!
  • conference call with a customer rep about changes we’d requested to a license.

For the weekend: groceries, laundry, house cleaning, bill paying, and gardening!


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