Watching & reading…

And now for my semi irregular update on books, tv, and movies!

Sliders: season 3 discs 6 & 7 C-
The show got weirder and weirder in this last season. No wonder it got canceled. Jerry McConnell is still good to look at.

Evan Almighty
I’m not a big Steve C. fan but I needed some laughs this 4th. It was a good way to spend a rainy, muggy afternoon. Predictable fun.

Sacrifice by Karen Traviss B+
The Star Wars (SW) expanded universe (EU) is all abuzz. Mara Jade is dead. This novel takes place 40 years after the Battle of Yavin (where Luke blew up the 1st Death Star in SW Episode IV: A New Hope). Sacrifice shows history repeating itself. This particular storytelling is well done, full of political intrigue, war, moral dilemmas, and family relationships. The grandson of Darth Vader, Jacen Solo, turns to the dark side and kills one of the favorite characters in the EU – Mara Jade, wife of Luke Skywalker. The sequels to this book could be really good – I’m looking forward to seeing how authors Allston & Denning handle Luke, Leia, and Han’s responses when they discover how Mara met her death.


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