Time commitments and real life

Some NASIGers may be interested to know that I spent less than 30 minutes this week working on NASIG things from home. Unfortunately, I will be adding to that this weekend because I am determined to complete a 1st draft of the president’s corner for the Newsletter. Kathryn W. will not let me live it down if I don’t submit my article on time.

While I didn’t have to work on NASIG business from home too much this week, I did use work time. On Friday morning alone I spent 1.5 hours talking to VP Jill on the phone. I’m trying to monitor my activities to provide information to the membership since the time commitment question has been asked. I’ll probably write about it in this blog from time to time and touch on it in my Newsletter article. The list has been talking about admin help – and it’s been brought up at board meetings for years — so I’ll need to identify those tasks I’ve worked on that might be done by someone else. I am very fortunate. I do have the support from my bosses and my institution, and it is summertime so things are a little quieter – fewer meetings, a lot of folks on vacation or at conferences – so I have been able to “NASIG” on work time. This won’t always be the case. As my boss and I agreed: working beyond the normal 8-5 is practically a given when you take on responsibilities as a committee member, chair, or officer in any professional organization.

You would think that someone who spends the majority of their work time online would prefer not to go home and look at a computer screen. (Did you know I can type fairly accurately with my eyes closed? Hmm… where’d that come from?) Anyway, when I come home most evenings, I turn on the evening news, grab a bite to eat, read the local paper and go through my snail mail, turn on the computer, then spend the evening with TV noise in the background (with an occasional break to actually watch a show or two). I do my “fun” blog reading (via feedreader except for LJ where I keep up with some close friends), some occasional checks of my library, news & academia feeds. I check my email, check my personal blog, post occasionally, and tag surf every now & then. Once a month or so, I check out a few favorite forums over at theforce.net. On the weekends I pay the majority of my bills online & update Quicken to watch the $$ disappear. Sometimes, right before paydays, I go online to see how much is left in the checking account & transfer funds around if necessary. Every now & then I pull out the short story that I’ve been working on F-O-R-E-V-E-R. Am I obsessed with my computer? Oh probably…

Just so you aren’t worried: I do have a life beyond the computer & the internet. For example, Thursday night I went to see Harry Potter with a friend. Tuesday night I met friends for dinner. Last Friday, I went to happy hour with several co-workers. Then there are my hobbies like gardening, digital photography (whoops – online/FLICKR), scanning old photos, watching movies (most ordered via Netflix – dang – there’s that online thing again!), some (but not enough) reading, phone calls to family & friends. There are other activities, too, of course, and I don’t miss the computer on those evenings when I don’t turn it on! Unfortunately, I do take the computer with me when I travel. I just cannot stand the thought of going away for a week and coming back to hundreds of email messages at work. (A plea to my vendor/publisher colleagues: stop sending me your newsletter, product news, etc., via email – set up an rss feed!) I quit (or got dropped from) almost every list I was on to reduce my mail. My staff are on those lists and forward the important things to me. I’ve also attempted to get myself off email lists from online stores.

I see my kids now & then – the 2 that live here in town, that is. They are both in college (not for the summer), working full-time, and have love interests. Keeps them pretty busy. We try to have at least 1 meal a week together but sometimes it’s just me + 1 rather than me + 2 and oftentimes the girlfriend or boyfriend join us. (Son no. 2 just came home from Harry Potter so I took a break from this writing to compare notes with him. We also discussed his plans for the drive to cheer camp in Texas next week.)

I’m busy and I enjoy what I’m doing! I’m committed to NASIG so that work will take preference over my “relaxing” evenings/weekends at home when necessary. I did it while serving as Newsletter editor. I went in on weekends when I was a Proceedings co-editor.  It was hard work at times but it was rewarding to give back to an organization that has provided me with a super serials/e- education and has allowed me to meet and work with some great people!

(Kathryn, can you just use this blog post as my first president’s corner?)



2 thoughts on “Time commitments and real life

  1. What did you think of the latest Harry Potter movie? I went to see it Thursday night also! I really liked it. My oldest son, Keegan, who went with me, was disappointed.

  2. I really enjoyed the movie even though it’s very dark. I like this one better than Goblet of Fire. I could’ve done without the sniveling cousin and his parents at the beginning of the movie. All the kids are growing up and have the normal teenage angst plus Voldemort and his baddies to deal with. I love the treatment of Sirius and Ginny’s larger role. I haven’t actually read the book – it’s on a very long list of “must reads” – so I wasn’t disappointed about things that were left out. A couple of my HP fan friends said the scene they miss the most is with Fred & George and the swamp. I may have to check out the book just to read that part!

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