Garden woes

We are definitely in the midst of the hot Kansas summer. After dinner this evening, I went outside to water my plants and pull a few stray weeds.  I discovered that the guys who mow the lawn broke my hose sprayer-thingy, you know, the attachment you put on the end of the hose to spray.   The lawn is starting to dry out. The garden plots aren’t looking too healthy. The daylilies and shasta daisies are pretty well spent.  I have one cariopteris bush that is wilting.  Those plants have always thrived on the hot weather with minimal care & watering on my part.  I wonder if it’s developed a problem beyond not getting enough water.  Earlier in the summer we had some massive amounts of rainfall; then there was that awful freeze in mid-April.   Maybe I’ll visit the horticultural center this weekend and get their advice.  Can this plant be saved?


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