Is it hot enough?

It’s mid-afternoon and 98 degrees (feels like 101 per It’s only slightly cooler inside the library and elsewhere on campus today.

Apparently there was a major power problem last night and it didn’t leave us in darkness (or without Internet access), but it did leave us without air conditioning! By 10am, campus administrators told us to send folks home if they couldn’t take the heat. My department sits on the 5th floor with a bank of windows facing the north (I think). It was definitely getting uncomfortable and now, at close to 3pm, the air is getting stale. The majority of my staff left by late morning. I’m only here because I have a small fan pointed at my head!

It’s been quiet. Two meetings were cancelled. I’ve been able to process a number of FY08 invoices for e- stuff and am completing the activation process for a number of new things.

For those following my NASIG work, the email traffic on the board list and from some committee-related items the last 2 days has been light with close to 3 dozen messages read and/or responded to. Don’t let that number frighten you. Many times the board has to call for an online vote (which we did yesterday), so that accounts for a dozen yeas/nays right there plus some additional discussion! All I can say is “thank goodness my email client allows me to filter incoming mail”! All my NASIG mail goes neatly into a folder as it arrives. I can see when new items come in and check them as I have time.

Let me get back to work!


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