Enjoying Potter mania

I have a large group of online friends (CJ) who are Harry Potter crazy! They keep track of all Potter-related news thanks to webmaster Dunc who manages to pull Harry stuff from all over the web. They highly anticipated the release of Order of the Phoenix and have been dying the last few weeks like many other Potterphiles awaiting tonight’s midnight debut of JK Rowling’s last book of the series.

CJers – almost every one of them – have attempted to avoid spoilers for “HP and the Deathly Hollows”, which in this age of web 2.0 is quite a challenge. One friend noted that even her knitting group list was dangerous! Some have mentioned that they and officemates cannot focus on their work. The coolest thing about CJers’ discussions, both on their personal blogs and via our email list, is their character analysis & their plot speculation. I can almost hear their squeals and excitement through the ether while they ponder whether Snape is hero or heel and speculate – with sound reasoning – who will die.

You see, I’ve only read #1. It was a great book. The others are on my “to-read” list. I’ve enjoyed the movies. I liked Order of the Phoenix more than Goblet of Fire. I learned from the recent CJ discussions about the disturbing events in Half-Blood Prince. I’m glad to hear it from friends rather than have “heard” it when that film comes out! Next week I’ll read their reviews & discussion of book 7. Reading their posts is like sitting in a college literature class. Karin Westman and Phil Nel would be delighted to have this group in their class!


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