Why do I write here…

Well, as the description says, it’s mostly about life in general – work, home, fun stuff. And as another blogger puts it “Write journals for my children to read so I can leave them my legacy.”  My dad passed away 19 years ago.  He didn’t have brothers & sisters that I could talk to about dad’s growing up in Iowa, his life in the Coast Guard, his early years in radio and television.  I started asking my mom those questions too late. She’s 86 and her memory isn’t too good. Her older sister gave me a couple of insights into mom as a teenager a few years back.  We do have lots of pictures of mom & dad from the 1940s -1980s so those are memories of one kind.

Anyway, I want to tell those stories even if my kids don’t read them now.  I’m going to start posting some of my old memories of growing up here – I think I’ll tag them “memories”!  What a concept, eh?  And I’ll continue to posts my regular work, home & fun stuff to give my adult children the opportunity to see what my days are like.


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