Bumble bees and feet do not mix

My earliest memory: around the age of 4 I stepped on a bumble bee out in the backyard of our house on Neely Avenue. My foot swelled up (I still have that problem but for other reasons!) and I couldn’t walk on it for a day.  I’m surprised my dad never took a picture of it considering he was quite the photobug!

I have quite a few pictures of my life before the age of 4 but the pictures don’t jar any real memories. I remember that small house on Neely. There was a built-in bookcase in the living room that was open into a small den where my brother slept until he went off to college when I was 6.  There was an eat-in kitchen, fairly decent sized, one bath, and 2 bedrooms (I think). Isn’t that funny…  I think my sister, who is 13 years older than me, and I shared the bedroom until we moved when I was 7.


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