Update from library-land

Work has been amazingly quiet the last few weeks. I’m still working on licenses, awaiting follow-up from at least one publisher. I wrapped up 2 more last week but received a response back on another that I had to send to university counsel to review. I have activation & licensing information to review on a few free online with print titles. Nothing free about them, eh?

The senior managers finalized our professional development budget, which the leadership council had advised on a couple of weeks ago. I was able to start sharing those decisions with my department managers on Wednesday and have more individual meetings scheduled this week to go over the details I’ve received. The budget is generous but some travel will not be funded.

Our all staff meeting on Wednesday included some details of strategic planning implementation, including the beginning of a branding campaign. Repeat after me: “K-State Libraries”. Not KSU, not Kansas State University Libraries. K-State Libraries. (The university is using the We are K-State theme.)

Our Library Interfaces Team is sponsoring a series of mini-tutorials so I attended one on SFX basics: objects and targets and sources (oh my!). Part II is this week as well as a wiki tutorial and a supervisor survivor skills class (the 3rd of 6 classes we are getting this summer). Now… off to take care of some NASIG things!


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