Do I look busy?

I hate to think that the summer is coming to an end and that committee work and deadlines will start to appear on my calendar. It really has been quiet on the work front. I’ve had a few informal meetings with staff related to our gift, binding and claiming policies, reviewed a quote and clarified contract information on a mini authority control project, and forwarded new pricing options to collection coordinators on some print+online titles since the serials librarian is on vacation and we are trying to wind up the renewal verification process. I also started reading the final version of our Emerald license and completed a memo regarding a cataloging project that has to be put on hold. (I need to remember to send that out tomorrow! I also need to back track in my inbox because I know I received correspondence on another license. I keep getting side-tracked!) I provided some feedback regarding another revision to our professional development funding guidelines. We had another supervisor training session this week and Jamene from our Digital Initiatives Department offered us round 3 of SFX training, this one on usage stats preformed queries.

A couple of us are talking about reducing email clutter by adding links to publisher/vendor RSS feeds on one of our blogs rather than forwarding messages that we receive to the various teams and committees that might be interested. It would be great if more publishers and vendors would provide feeds for their newsletters and other updates. (Anyone out there created a list of available feeds yet?) Often I get an email from them and just do not have time to look at it. I don’t want to leave it in my inbox because I usually have more critical email I need to read and respond to. If their headlines came through on my feedreader, I could easily scan them when I had time and read only those that I needed to accomplish my work! I know how Darren Lennard feels! (Ripped from Steven’s post over at Library Stuff.) I read, responded to, filed and/or deleted over 150 emails today. I have my email trash set to automatically delete every 10 days. I noticed there were approximately 2,100 items in my trash today. You do the math. And let me remind you, I opened this post saying how quiet it’s been!

I will mention — briefly — that I’m doing some NASIG-related work on work time, too. I won’t go into detail here because that update will be in the September Newsletter.

Is it really only Tuesday?????


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