library expenditures

Mondays. Gotta love ’em, eh? Actually, today wasn’t too bad. One meeting cancelled; another one scheduled in its place. Our financial services director is implementing a new accounting system so we can get better data. Woo-hoo! That’s always a good thing! Of course, that means I have to learn a lot of new fund numbers. (I think there’s still some space left in the brain for a little bit of new information.)

For years, we have been paying for a variety of things through our Voyager acquisitions client, things that are not collections: processing fees (like our OCLC cataloging service fees), supplies fees (e.g., tattletape), membership fees (consortial dues), to name a few. We won’t be doing that any more, which is a great time saver for me & my staff. We will continue to pay for print, non-print and e- stuff on Voyager, but the print invoices for these items and the non-collection stuff I mentioned will also have to be coded differently before they go to our financial services folks. We can do this. The new coding will allow us to break down more costs and easily retrieve monies spent on backfiles and other e- stuff that used to be tracked in a spreadsheet so they were easily accessible. I think the new system will make completing those collection surveys from ALS, ACRL, and others much easier!


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