More reading & watching…

Actually, not more reading. The same reading as my post a few weeks back. Two of those books are very long!


  • Rush Hour 3: B-  Nowhere near as good as the original. Love Jackie; getting tired of Chris Tucker and his never ending desire to get every woman in sight in his bed; some typical (great) Jackie chase sequences; always stay for the out-takes!
  • StarDust: B+   A fun jaunt; loved DeNiro’s pirate character but not as much as Cap’n Jack Sparrow; and the dead princes are hilarious!
  • Nanny Diaries: C   I just wasn’t impressed; I wanted to slap the trophy wives and their husbands
  • Battlestar Galactica (season 1, disc 4 & season 2, disc 1):  A+ WHOA! great stuff!
  • Stranger than Fiction: C-  Why do I even bother to rent Will Farrell movies? Dustin Hoffman was good.
  • Just Like Heaven: B+   A chick flick; a “sweet” film. Very enjoyable.
  • Bourne Supremacy: B   A good action flick; good sequel to Bourne Identity.

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