Long time no post

I haven’t been posting too much lately and it’s not because I’ve been busy with work and NASIG things! I’ve actually been working on one of my writing projects – that Alex story I’ve mentioned in earlier posts. I wanted to tie the story into other events in the Star Wars (SW) expanded universe during 12ABY, i.e., 12 years after the Battle of Yavin, you know, that big battle at the end of the original Star Wars film (aka Episode IV) when Luke blew up the Death Star! It had been years since I’d read some of the early-mid 1990s-published SW novels, so I needed to refresh my memory. I also did some research on the Wookiepedia. What a great resource!

So, I think I have all the facts straight and can reference events in 12ABY with confidence. I also ended up adding another small action sequence in the story. There just seemed to be way too much dialogue in the 20 pages with limited action. Of course, that meant I had to re-do a later scene. But I made it through that one, too, and I think the pacing is much better. I still have six more pages to revise.

I managed to get up to Omaha on Saturday & Sunday to visit my friend Sarah. We went to see Stardust, which I’d seen but enjoyed just as much the 2nd time around. We stopped at Border’s and I picked up the new SW novel Inferno by Troy Denning, and Rick Steve’s Great Britain 2007.  I have to start planning my trip there!  We went to a hardware store and had an amusing episode trying to find the right size screws with anchors that I needed to put a shelf up in one of the closets in the house.  We ate at a wonderful Italian restaurant in the Old Market – Vivace.  Highly recommended if you’re ever in Omaha. I headed home around noon on Sunday, which gave me plenty of time to get my ‘chores’ done and veg with the Monday holiday.

So… posting may remain light since I feel like I actually have time in the evenings to work on my writing and get some reading done, too!  I haven’t been keeping up with my blog reading. The feeds are getting pretty large, but that is what is so great about using the feed reader! I can play catch up later.


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