I’m still here…

Really, I’m still here, just not motivated to post too much. Work is busy but not overwhelming. However, I have mentioned to several folks over the last few days that I’d just like to skip October and the incoming insanity and just move right into November.

NASIG work has been manageable and for the most part done during the course of my regular day. Did I mention my regular day usually runs from 7:30-5:30, maybe an hour longer than your typical 8 hour day. Okay… I didn’t get out of their 2 nights this week until almost 6. I’ve been working with secretary Joyce on the fall board meeting logistics, working on the agenda, and signing required paperwork. We are also talking about the January meeting, too. I’m working with Peter on the 2008 admin budget; with Jill and Joyce on site visit opportunities; and with various individuals from ECC, D&D, N&E, CPC, PPC on the technology proposals.

My evenings are spent catching up with friends via email, their blogs or phone; frequent phone calls to family about Mom who has been recovering at a rehab facility the last 6 weeks after a week stay in the hospital. She’s going home at the end of this week and her ongoing care is still a hot and heavy discussion item.

I have also been veggin’ with my Star Wars reading and writing as a way to relax. I am going to help with a Star Wars (SW) event at a public library in Kansas City at the end of the month. The fan force group out of KC – Heart of the Alliance – (HotA) – will spend a couple of hours at the library not only talking about books from the SW universe, but reading from some of the kids books, doing crafts with the kids, playing trivia, etc. Actually, this particular event is the 3rd one HotA is doing in October, but the only one I’m able to attend.

But back to the October insanity…. trips to Texas, North Carolina, and Arizona; conference in Wichita; Verde training; 2 evaluations to write; 10 portfolios to review for mid- and final tenure and reappointment; tenure, promotion and reappointment committee meetings; written comments on tenure, promotion and reappointment, A&O quarterly budget meeting… misc. other meetings… Take a deep breath.

See you in November!


2 thoughts on “I’m still here…

  1. Hi I am a K-state(’67) grad. My neighbor is head of libraries here in Wichita. Will you be at the Ks.Book Fair (Koch Arena)?
    My husband is a San Diego State grad, but he started at KSU and he loves the Wildcats. How long have you been at KSU?

  2. No, I won’t be at the book fair. I’ve met the head of WSU library at a meeting a couple or years ago. I have a couple of friends who work there. I’ve been at K-State for 11 years.

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