Trip to Texas

I had a great time visiting with son Jeff down in Texas at the end of September. Drove down to Dallas on a Thursday and stayed with a friend, did some shopping (including a stop at the IKEA store – always fun!), then headed to TVCC on Saturday for family day activities. The gym was packed with parents, other relatives and friends. All members of the football team were introduced – it was pretty impressive that the coach knew the hometown, high school, and name of all 40+ players. The Cardettes (dance team) were introduced. Then the cheerleaders cheered, stunted, and were introduced.  What a great and talented group of kids!  The band and choir entertained us.  TVCC does a really nice program for parents and friends.  Jeff has settled in well down there and enjoys the level of tumbling and stunting expertise of the cheer squad.  He is growing and maturing nicely – always a good thing for a parent to know.

After the program we got a tour of campus and the town from Jeff, ate dinner at a local Mexican eatery, then headed to the football game. Saw more cheering and stunting, but left at halftime since we wanted to get back to Dallas at a reasonable hour and faced the 8+ hour drive back to Kansas City on Sunday.

Some photos of the trip are posted on my FLICKR page.


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