It’s November!

October is over! Yippee! I’m not sure I can say that life will return to normal… and next week is looking busier as I write, but at least I’ll be home for most of the month. If you recall from a post many weeks back, October was filled with 3 business trips and 2 pleasure trips. It hardly felt like I was home. Work days – when I was in town – were filled with meetings, reviewing portfolios, Verde, licenses, prepping for work-related travel, and yes, NASIG things!

Okay NASIGers interested in ‘how much time is involved in the presidency’: 2 of the business trips were NASIG related. The fall board meeting was in Phoenix (details in my upcoming column in the Newsletter). The second trip was a site visit. (Sorry – no details about that one other than to say it was a productive and highly informative trip!) I have finally determined what I don’t do as much of these days because of NASIG responsibilities: I don’t keep up with my blog reading and I don’t write as much on this blog. My fiction writing comes and goes. (It’s currently gone but that has been the case on and off for the last 2-3 years.)

Overall, October was a heavy NASIG month – preparing the board’s agenda, reviewing all the committee reports, working with our strategic planning consultant in preparation for the board meeting, working on the budget process, and on the technology piece. The week before the board meeting I did put in a lot of NASIG hours. Things have quieted down but I do have a couple of “assignments” that I plan to work on tomorrow afternoon while waiting for the furnace guy to show up. What timing, too! The fall furnace check was supposed to be a couple of weeks ago but I couldn’t get it scheduled with all the travel and work-related things going on. Temperatures have dipped down into the 30s several nights over the last week. Last night the low was 24! My house cooled off down to 61 degrees a couple of days ago so I thought I might turn on the heat (first time this season) to warm it up a few degrees. Well, guess what?! The heat did not kick on! So I brought out a blanket and a sweatshirt, made me a hot cup of tea, and survived. (Laptops make wonderful warmers, too!) It’s about 63 in here right now, which is great for sleeping. Speaking of which…. goodnight!


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