Chores or shopping?

I managed to avoid doing any chores today. I really did plan to complete some library and NASIG things today. But I started off the day with a slight sinus headache, which finally went away around 1.  I didn’t even want to think about looking at the computer. So I went shopping!  I picked up xmas gifts for a few friends and family. I also picked up a couple of ornaments at Waters True Value (said hi to Jenny who happened to be working), dropped my wool sweaters at the dry cleaners, then drove over to Junction City.  Went to a very wonderful store – Gatherings on the Prairie – that co-worker Merry introduced me to a few weeks ago. They have beautiful things, and of course, they’re all decked out for xmas. Bought 2 more ornaments for the live tree I plan to put up in a couple of weeks and 6 sprays that I’ll use on the fireplace mantle.  After shopping I went to see Dan in Real Life. I’m not a huge Steve Carrell fan but I did enjoy the movie. Stopped at the mall on the way home and picked up “Star Wars: a pop-up guide to the galaxy” – 20% off.  I resisted temptation at the Hallmark store, though I did call son Joel and left voice mail noting that the Star Wars ornaments would make a good xmas present.  Came home and put Cold Comfort Farm in the DVD player. Very good and quirky film.  Now I guess it’s time to get some work done…


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