Fettunta & bocconcini

I was looking on the Food Network site for a recipe for antipasto. I thought I might take that as an appetizer/side-dish to Thanksgiving dinner at the Cox’s home, where I’ve been invited. My mom used to make antipasto on special occasions and hers usually included meat – salami and pepperoni, etc. – but I wanted to see what others used as ingredients and really didn’t want to add any meat since we have the turkey and trimmings.

There are plenty of recipes, but some have ingredients I’ve never heard of. Dictionary.com didn’t define the 2 I was looking for. I knew the foodtv.com site had to have a dictionary of some kind but my eyes didn’t spot it until I’d tried both the online Merriam-Webster and even wikipedia.com!

Bocconcini, as I suspected, is a small mozzarella nugget. Yummie! Rachel’s recipe has a different spelling – boccocini – which may explain why I didn’t find it. But there’s no definition of fettunta, which is in this delicious-sounding recipe, not one I’d do for Thanksgiving but something I’ll bookmark for the future. So…. chefs out there – what is fettunta? What other cooking resources are out there on the web?


2 thoughts on “Fettunta & bocconcini

  1. Fettunta is more or less bruschetta; it’s just the name used in the Tuscany/Florence region. And that’s bruschetta in the pure Italian sense – just the garlic-rubbed, oiled toasty bread part, not all the toppings and business that you get here. Sorry, no citation (bad librarian!), but that was my experience in Italy.

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