The short version – Christmas newsletter 2007

A concise look at 2007….

Char had trips to Omaha, Seattle, Atlanta, Topeka, Winter Springs, Los Angeles, Louisville, Dallas, Athens (TX), Asheville, Wichita, Phoenix, and Winter Springs again. Some business; some fun!

Jenny coaches team at Gymnastics Plus.

Jenny declares her major: marketing with a minor in Spanish. As of fall 2007, she’s a junior!

Jeff goes to Daytona Beach with K-State for the National Cheerleaders Association championships. K-State places 8th.

Char works at the Star Wars Celebration IV convention in Los Angeles.

Char becomes president of NASIG.

Char is promoted to full professor at K-State.

Jeff gets a cheer scholarship and transfers in fall 2007 to Trinity Valley Community College, a squad that placed 2nd in their division at the national competition.

Joel leaves MG Studios and takes a job at Bruno White Entertainment. He’s still living in central Florida with friends. Check out this video he edited!

Jenny introduces boyfriend Scott to family members in Florida on their travels to Key West. Jenny & Scott continue their mountain climbing adventures with Cookie’s Climbers.

It’s been a busy year but I’m thankful that I was able to visit friends and family from Florida to Texas to Nebraska to California.





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