Happy New Year!

Wow… where did 2007 go?

January will be a busy month. I’m preparing for the NASIG board meeting, writing annual evaluations (including my own self-eval which is due around January 15), and trying to sort through a dozen or more invoicing and access problems. NASIG is working hard (in the background) on the new technology implementation, which should be live in about 6 weeks. I’m trying to finalize the itinerary for my trip to the UK in the spring. The Libraries’ will go live on our Verde production server any day now; we’re studying open-source ILSs and web 2.0 commercial interfaces in preparation for recommendations to be made later this year on what the OPAC future holds for us. Reappointment portfolios’ review begins mid-month: the committee meets on the 31st.

Hmm…. and that’s just January.


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