One for the end of the month…

I’m way overdue for a post, aren’t I?

What’s been happening:

  • Enjoyed the holidays, seeing more of 2 of my 3 kids during their semester breaks
  • Snow
  • Went to Philadelphia for the NASIG board meeting
  • Snow again
  • Caught up on my professional blog reading
    • experimenting with Netvibes as a feedreader/portal: my only complaint is that I can’t email interesting posts directly from the reader. I do like Google Reader for that ability and its “share” feature
  • Trying a new way (well, new to me) to manage the email inbox, which I mentioned in my Dec. 27 post
    • this has been pretty successful but all I can say is thank goodness my work email client has filtering, which allows certain email to go directly to folders I’ve set up so they essentially are “action” items
    • this may work just fine until I go out of town for more than 2-3 days!
  • Completed my own self-evaluation and evaluations on 3 individuals I supervise:1 more to go!
  • More snow and bitter cold (wind chills below zero!)
  • Read 6 reappointment portfolios
    • the committee met today; we have until Tuesday to turn in our written comments
  • Walking through Verde workflows and not too thrilled with all the steps in the acquisitions part of the process
  • Signed off (finally!) on the Libraries’ summary statistics for FY07; had one meeting to prep for the ACRL Survey
  • Prepared a continuations budget update for the Budget Team but we’ve had some invoices for titles migrated to online-only slip through the cracks – serials staff are tracking those down now
  • Attended a number of HR sessions and the university department heads’ retreat
  • Met with a group of faculty and students from Kabul University. K-State has an Afghanistan initiative that includes faculty exchanges. This group is spending anywhere from 6 months to 2 years at K-State.
  • Did I mention that we had snow?
  • Filed my federal and state income taxes!
  • Moved my Star Wars website to a WordPress blog and added a few new entries
  • Explored B&B options for my trip to the UK later this year! Booked my flight! Woo-hoo!

And on that note, I’ll close. I’m sure I’ve left off a few hundred things though I doubt you’d be interested in any more minutiae!


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