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I know you’re all just dying to know why I post so rarely these days! And no, it’s not because the NASIG Presidency is overwhelming, a concern that many NASIGers have when they are considering running for office. I work hard during the day, including on NASIG things. Sometimes those NASIG items roll into the evening or weekends, but honestly, that’s been the exception rather than the rule!

So rather than come home and post to the blog in the evening, I spend my time by

  • reading personal e-mail
  • reading some fun rss feeds (mostly Star Wars related, of course)
  • catching up with friends
  • surfing the web for info on travel in the UK, including deciphering the train system
  • reading Rick Steves’ Europe through the back door 2008, and Revelation by Karen Traviss
  • cooking dinner, cleaning up the mess, giving the cat lots of lovin’, etc., etc., etc.
  • watching some tv (I cannot believe they cancelled Jericho!) and rented DVDs

I also helped move my Mom into assisted living in Virginia earlier this month. Originally I planned to be there for 4 days but I had to leave 2 days earlier than planned and stayed 4 days longer, for a total of 10 days. One of these days I’ll post about the trials and tribulations of that trip. It was very stressful to say the least, but Mom is doing okay and is slowly adjusting to this major change in her life.

And yeah… I’m going to the UK! Woo-hoo!

I don’t post too much on NASIG because I feel I should be sharing those “adventures” on a NASIG blog or forum! I do that minimally through the NASIG Newsletter. Members have asked for more communication from the board, more opportunities for networking. NASIG has just set up discussion forums (currently linked from the conference website) – can that be a good place for networking? I think it could work!!

The forums aren’t seeing too much activity yet but I do hope that increases as we get closer to the conference. The forums aren’t web 2.0 – you have to go check them for updates. Once a day. Or every other day. Give it a try. Make the forum your home page at least until the conference! I read another organization’s forum that is a little more ‘sophisticated’ than ours. When I log in, it tells me how many posts there have been since I last logged in, and I can click and go directly to the threads that have new posts! It’s a great feature. Hmm… after we get the new website up and running maybe we can looking into that more sophisticated programming.

Okay… maybe I need to go start a thread and repeat this mantra over there.


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