an American in London

Forty-eight hours. Not much time to see a city like London! Here are highlights of our 48 hours:

  • arrived at Heathrow before 10am after uneventful overnight flights from the U.S. Caught the tube to Victoria Station and walked about 3-4 blocks to our B&B on Ebury Street where we dropped our luggage
  • London double-decker hop-on/hop-off bus tour – we never made the complete loop but did see a lot of the city!
  • Tower of London, Houses of Parliament/Westminster, Tower Clock – we spent a good bit of time walking around these areas but didn’t do any tours (boo-hoo!)
  • Thames River Cruise – great views but I bet the night cruise would be spectacular
  • Evensong at Westminster Abbey – absolutely stunning, a fabulous experience with beautiful voices in a magnificient setting
  • British Library – the Magna Carta, Shakespeare manuscripts, lyrics of songs, one on a napkin by Lennon & McCartney, illuminated manuscripts, music manuscripts from Bach, Beethoven & more, Gutenberg Bible, DaVinci’s notes, Austen, and so many incredible pieces of world history
  • Cabinet War Room & Churchill Museum – a “do not miss” if you’re a history buff. The audio tour was very informative
  • Inspection & dismounting of the Horse Guards – supposedly a closer-up experience than the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace
  • ate fish ‘n chips and had our first pint of ale at Orange Brewery just a few blocks from our B&B

See some of my photos of London over here….

I’m glad we packed light. I had a carry-on size suitcase and a backpack. They were both stuffed and it was hard enough to go up and down stairs in the tube & train stations, get aboard buses and the trains, etc., with just those things!

Next: the train to Exeter and driving in the UK


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