looking for Laurel’s castle…

… or, how to get lost in the English countryside.

Sunday morning
We were up bright & early to begin our adventure to Cornwall. During breakfast something very unusual happened. It was snowing in Torquay! There were reports that it was snowing all over southern England, including in Cornwall! It rarely snows in that part of the country. In fact, the bus boys were so excited, they were running outside to see snow for the first time in their lives.

We planned to take a little side-trip on the way to Cornwall. Castle Berry Pomeroy, located about 6 miles from Torquay, is the ancestral home of my co-worker Laurel. Her family owned the castle back in the 16th century. Laurel had actually been at the castle about a week before we’d arrived! I really wanted to see it, so we headed down the back roads. Fortunately, the snow had temporarily stopped and it wasn’t sticking.

I don’t like back roads and traffic circles…

The country roads we traveled were narrow. Very narrow. One-car-narrow in many places with stone walls hugging the side of the road. And here I am at the steering wheel on the right side of the car trying to judge how close I am to a stone wall on my left in this very expensive rental car. When cars came from the opposite direction there wasn’t always room to pass and someone had to pull over even closer to that stone wall. It’s amazing I didn’t end up taking the side mirror off! I felt very sorry for anyone stuck behind me. I wanted to put a sign in the back window that said “caution, American tourist driving”. They probably already knew that anyway…

So, we were doing okay following the signs to Berry Pomeroy until we took a wrong turn at one of those roundabouts. We ended up quite a few miles north of where we needed to be at the intersection of a normal 2 lane highway. There was no way I wanted to turn around and try the narrow country lane again. So no castle Berry Pomeroy this time but we did pass by Castle Compton:

Compton Castle

Next: on to Cornwall.


One thought on “looking for Laurel’s castle…

  1. We did the same thing so many times, Char… we got lost dozens of times. So now when I go there I take the bus! 🙂


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