work & play in Torquay

Torquay is an absolutely stunning coastal town in Devon in southwest England. We had a lovely room at the Grand Hotel (thanks UKSG!) with a fabulous view overlooking the English Channel in a part of the country known as the English Riviera.

We learned that Agatha Christie was one of Torquay’s famous residents. We had great tapas at a small eclectic restaurant near the marina and enjoyed cream tea and scones with clotted cream at the Grand Hotel’s pub. On Monday morning I walked up Rathmore Rd. toward the Riviera Centre to start the “work” portion of my trip. No details of the UKSG conference here. I need to reserve that for my last NASIG Newsletter column! Suffice it to say, the conference was excellent with relevant programming and a different-than-NASIG mix of serialists. I spent two full days & nights conferencing while Sarah explored Torquay on Monday and took a bus to Dartmouth on Tuesday.

My explorations of Torquay mainly centered around the walks to and from the Riviera Centre.

I took a different route each trip. I wandered through a lovely park, past hotels & businesses on Belgrave Rd., lawn bowling fields and tennis courts, through a secluded garden/park, and the Torre Abbey Mansion which was under restoration. I later learned that the mansion is the oldest building in Torquay, dating back to 1196.

Other than the freak-ish snow on Sunday, the weather was cooperative with temperatures during the day in the 50s. I’m ready to go back!

Next: to Salisbury and Stonehenge


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