Edinburgh & the Kansas connection

Waverly Station in Edinburgh is a busy place. We found our way out of the rail station, pulled the maps, and headed toward High Street (the Royal Mile). It’s a pretty incredible view from Waverly Bridge as you head toward old town.

We headed up Cockburn Street and were suddenly greeted by a woman shouting “Kansas!” (I had my K-State sweatshirt on.) She drew closer & spotted the “State” part.

“Oh, sorry. Wrong Kansas. We’re KU fans.”

“No problem,” I replied.

“We’ve been trying to find out if they won!” The women and her friends were actually from California and had been rooting for UCLA until they were knocked out of the running.

Apparently, American college basketball – even NCAA championship games – is not high on the list of sports reporting in Edinburgh. Unfortunately, Sarah & I couldn’t tell the woman and her friends about the game. We hadn’t heard any news from the States either!

The next day we were waiting in line to be seated at Whiski, a pub on the Royal Mile. A gentleman on his way out points at my K-State sweatshirt and says “good school”. He was from Council Grove, about 30 miles south of Manhattan.

Small world, isn’t it?


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