Edinburgh, pt. 1

Two days is not nearly enough time to see the sights of Edinburgh.

We arrived early afternoon and found our way out of the rail station as I mentioned in a previous post. We had a plan you see, and timing was everything.

Rosalind – a friend of Sarah’s former boss Eleanor – is a tour guide at St. Giles Cathedral. She only works on Thursday afternoons. So St. Giles had to be our first stop. We noticed a short cut up to the Royal Mile where St. Giles is located. It was a very, very long, steep staircase. I wish I’d taken a picture of it but since we were towing our suitcases we decided just to trudge up Cockburn Street where we ran into the KU fans.

We found St. Giles and asked for Rosalind. She wasn’t expecting us but was delighted when we brought greetings to her from Eleanor. We did manage to pull our cameras out and took a picture of Sarah and Rosalind to send to Eleanor, and then we explored the cathedral (with a few notes from Rosalind).

Instead of perusing the shops of the Royal Mile we decided to to head to our B&B to get rid of the luggage we were dragging through the streets. Dragging luggage around is not fun! The rain had started by that time so we flagged a cab down to go to Florence street. The cabbie pointed out sights along the way and a few minutes later we opened the gate and walked into a wonderful B&B, the AmarAgua.

After unpacking our bags, we pulled a map that noted some nearby restaurants. We walked… and walked some more. We got lost. We didn’t find the restaurant we were looking for but finally ended up at a pub where we ordered some ale. Sarah thought she was ordering buttered cod but it was actually “battered” cod. Fish ‘n chips anyone?  I had shrimp. I’m sure the bar employees and patrons found us quite entertaining. Glad we made someone’s day!

The next morning we picked up the bus down to Waverly Bridge. We decided to do the tour bus there so we could hop on & hop off. I know a lot of folks don’t like those buses but we were happy with the history lessons and the opportunity to get a great overview of the city. At the ticket information center we found out that Edinburgh Castle was going to be free on Saturday – woo-hoo! So we decided we’d hit the Royal Mile, do some shopping for souvenirs, and just play the day by ear.


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