Confessions of a shopaholic – Edinburgh, pt.2

Sarah & I spent way too much time on the Royal Mile looking for the perfect gifts and souvenirs. Like most tourist places, we discovered that many stores carried the same or similar merchandise but that did not deter us from checking out a dozen or more stores! I had to find just the right Edinburgh coffee mug to add to my collection of mugs. I must have examined 3 dozen or more in over a half dozen stores until I found one I really liked. I brought home that in addition to keychains, an umbrella, a wallet, several shirts, and a jacket. The jacket is blue fleece, nice & warm for those cool, damp Edinburgh days. I even got to wear it a few times when I returned to Kansas in mid-April since our weather here was unseasonably cool! There were many tempting wools and some beautiful jewelry but the exchange rate (about 2 to 1) and my one carry-on bag and backpack kept me grounded!

In addition to shopping, we did the hop-on/hop-off bus and rested our feet and backs while taking the tour of the city. We had a snack at a small cafe off the Royal Mile, had lunch at Dean Brodie’s Tavern (where the gentlemen next to us had some haggis), and dinner at Whiski.¬† With full bellies, we headed to the bus stop down on Waverly Bridge for the short trip back to Florence Street where we surveyed our loot, made some tea, and ate the shortbread cookies our hosts left for us before we fell asleep.


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