if this is June, then why am I still in Edinburgh?

Okay, so I’m not still in Edinburgh. I’m just now getting around to writing about our last day there. Hard to believe that was in mid-April…

Edinburgh Castle. I could have spent several days just exploring Edinburgh Castle. Spectacular views. Buildings dating back to the 12th century. History at every turn! Where James I of England was born to Mary, Queen of Scots. Where American prisoners from the Revolutionary War were held. The one-o’clock gun! The Honours of Scotland. The Stone of Destiny. I can only imagine what it must be like to witness the Military Tattoo that takes place at the Castle each August.

In the afternoon we toured the Palace of Holyroodhouse and Holyrood Abbey. The Palace is a summer home for the British Royal Family. Mary, Queen of Scots once lived there and the tour takes you through her suites and the site of the murder of her secretary David Rizzio. Neither Harry nor William were around during our visit. Darn!

The ruins of the Abbey are located behind the Palace and date back to the 1100s. There was no official tour of the ruins and the young docent there apparently was filling in for someone on break. She wasn’t answering any questions. I suppose she was just there to keep an eye out for evil-doers!

Our stay in Edinburgh ended much too soon. I’d like to go back and spend at least a week in Scotland!  We packed our bags on Saturday night, had another great breakfast Sunday at AmarAgua, and headed back to the rail station around 9am to catch the train south.


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