A hectic end to my UK trip

Still reporting on April events…

We departed Edinburgh via train around 10am on Sunday, the 13th, and stopped in York, home to the famous Yorkminster. Can you say “awesome”?

York is another town that I’d like to explore for a few days. The walk from the rail station to the cathedral is an incredible stroll through history and I would have loved a guided tour. As it was, we just walked and gawked at historic buildings, the architecture, and the city walls, some of which date back to the 1st century. The FIRST century! Whoa! We briefly explored the Shambles, a cool shopping district that has buildings dating back to the 1400s. Then we headed back to the rail station.

Our trip ended on a hectic note. We had reservations at a hotel near Heathrow so we wouldn’t have to scramble on Monday morning to catch our flight. Ha! After dinner, we checked our flight information and discovered that our BA flight had been canceled. The “office” was closed for the day and it was impossible to change our reservation online so we took the shuttle from the hotel back to Heathrow and finally found an open BA ticket counter. We managed to get lost on our way out of the airport to pick up the shuttle, so it was an exhausting 3 hours. Definitely not the way we’d intended to spend our last night in the UK.

We arrived in Chicago with barely enough time to make our connecting flights only to discover they were delayed. I guess that was a good thing though it meant getting home after midnight. By Wednesday, I had a scratchy throat that blew up into the worst cold/sinus/cough that I’d had in years. I guess it was worth it. I had a fabulous time in the UK and I’m ready to go back!


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