It’s one big blur

Life’s been busy. The annual NASIG conference was foremost on my mind after I returned from the UK in mid-April. There are a lot of details to be signed off on and to set up in the final weeks before the conference. Communication with the conference planning folks & their liaison, the Awards & Recognition chairs, the secretary, treasurer, and the VP increases tremendously. Being in the midst of the final stages of the technology implementation, and working closely with the project leader and ECC chairs & their liaison during those last few weeks prior to the May 23 launch  also kept me hopping!

Of course, there’s also the general May/June mayhem for serialists as we attempt to close out our fiscal year. Add 10 new databases/e- things? Sure, send me those licenses to review. Can I get the invoices asap? Encumber funds right away? Sure, no problem. How did that product make it to the databases web page? Who has the activation information? Let me see if we have enough funds to cover the June invoices that haven’t arrived yet. Oh, and start working on the FY09 budget, too, with that new system devised by financial services. Learn how to use Verde while you’re at it. (Okay, I started experimenting with our production Verde in February so I was already into the “learning” by late April/May. But I’m still trying to navigate this product so my e-resources workflow takes a bit longer than it used to.)

I love it! (Well, most of the time.) I usually work well under pressure. However, as I will mention in a future post, I am delighted to turn over the NASIG pressure to Jill, our new president!

On a personal note, I spent a lot of time in April sorting my UK photos. As you may have noticed, it took me about 8 weeks to post all my travel stories from the trip. The cold I brought back slowed down my evening online activities and combined with the jet-lag — well, I was just plain exhausted after working a full day! Posts about the UK travel were interrupted by more travel, too, and then that tornado ripped through town the day after I got back from Arizona. More pictures, other stories. Being close to someone impacted by the storm was stressful.

July is just around the corner. I don’t envision any boredom on the horizon!  Stay tuned!


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