A grand conference – NASIG 2008

I actually started this post two weeks ago and got sidetracked by a new writing project. So let me get this item posted and then move on to that topic & others!

It’s been more than two weeks [almost 4 now!] since NASIG ended. Time flies when you have to get caught up at work, experience a tornado the day after you get back, and try to make up your absence to the cat. Tinkerbell got a new scratch pad out of it.

NASIG 2008 was a great experience for me. It’s one thing being president for 12 months, working through the daily grind (NOT!). It’s quite another – and a tremendous honor – to preside over the conference that so many people worked on over a year to make happen. As president, I wasn’t able to attend as many sessions as I would’ve like. I managed to get waylaid a few times with… issues… and business that sometimes meant consulting with board members or committee chairs. That just goes with the job! I stopped at the registration desk frequently to thank and talk to the CPC folks. I have had a chance to look over some of the handouts on the conference site and look forward to reading the summaries published in the Newsletter in the fall! I met a lot of first-timers and new serialists, networked–one of the best things about NASIG–and caught up with old friends.

I can honestly say I have heard from a number of individuals who were thrilled with the sessions offered at the conference. I’ve also heard from quite a few who loved the relaxed and lovely venue at the Tapatio Cliffs Hilton in Phoenix. The weather was cooperative with temperatures only–yes, only!–in the mid-90s the first 2 days of the conference. Not bad for Phoenix in June! Breakfast outside on the patio each morning had to be one of my favorite times each day.

The NASIG board, in particular the administrative officers, have been a pleasure to work with this last year. Joyce, Denise, and Peter must have 40 years of conference-related experience. Okay, maybe not 40… 40+ in attendance but I’m talking actually planning and working on or closely with CPC! Jill’s previous board experience and committee work made her an excellent liaison to PPC. She will be an enthusiastic and energetic president, one with a lot of ideas to make NASIG the best serials organization in the world! We’ve got an exciting year ahead!


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