fiction and non-fiction writing updates

In a previous post I mentioned I’d been sidetracked by a new writing project. Great news!

FICTION: members’ website, known as Hyperspace, is publishing new original short fiction. I submitted a proposal for a story back in May and WOO-HOO! It’s been accepted! Hopefully I haven’t jinxed myself by announcing this now. The story itself still has to be submitted and approved. I’ve been told to expect that it will go into the editing schedule in August or September and be scheduled for publication in 2009. Keep your lightsabers crossed!

NON-FICTION: I was invited to submit a chapter more than 2 years ago for a book about e-journal management and it’s finally been published! Here’s the citation and a link to the description of the book:

Charlene N. Simser. “A Homegrown Contract Database.” In E-Journals Access and Management, ed. Wayne Jones, pp. 277-286. New York: Routledge, 2008.

(I’ll get the page numbers added to that citation shortly!)


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