What’s on my plate…

… my work plate, that is!

Every year, the university sends out forms that supervisors complete to describe the percentages of different types of work being performed by its unclassified employees, both those in tenure track and other professional positions. It isn’t easy to quantify the pieces of my time that go toward internal and external committee or professional association work. I’m guesstimating that over the course of a year it averages out to 6 hours a week. There are weeks when it is much more than that, especially if I need to work from home on nights or weekends.

I’ve been working with our head of gov docs to make recommendations about revising the reporting of the Libraries’ collection statistics. I’m hoping for a cleaner and more straightforward document with fewer categories, and categories that allow me to pull numbers for collection surveys without having to know to add lines 15+25+140-60! Our current reporting is confusing to our staff, let alone the public who may stumble across it! Two of my staff are doing an intense review of VRS (a 3rd party add-on, Voyager Reporting System) software and we hope that most of the numbers we need can be generated from this product rather than the extremely complicated and cumbersome SQL queries we’ve used in the past.

We are getting ready to begin training our paraprofessional staff on Verde! Woo-hoo! We have administrative data from our old contract database that we need to migrate so we can close the chapter on that homegrown product. We also want to — no HAVE to — broaden our staff’s understanding of the electronic resources frontier. Exciting times ahead!

I’m on a 2 person committee that is to make recommendations to the library faculty in September regarding the composition of our Committee on Academic Tenure and Committee on Promotion. We’ve surveyed peer institutions and are reviewing the University Handbook. The next step is to identify what parts of our internal documentation would have to be modified if we adopt any changes.

On the NASIG front I am updating the forms and documentation for our organizational sponsorships. The e-mails will start to fly on that process by early fall.  I’m working as liaison to 2 committees this year: Nominations & Elections and the Administrative Support Task Force. N&E’s work begins in the coming weeks and the ASTF has been cranking away, working on a couple of versions of a job description that we’ll share with the board soon.  I’ve sent comments — as a NASIG member, not as past president — to the Electronic Communications Committee about our new web presence. I tend to be quite outspoken about web design and think I have a good eye & good organizational skills (which must come from my cataloging background)!

Okay… time to get back to some e-journal problem resolution & Verde input!


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