new web search engine – Cuil

ALA’s TechSource blog posted information about Cuil so I headed right on over there to check it out. The search results are nice and neat, easy to read, with a very different layout than what we’re used to seeing. I searched for my alter ego and retrieved a lot more hits than I see on Google. Cuil claims to index a lot more pages but I saw a lot of duplicate hits in just the first few pages of search results. I also saw a lot of very strange and not-related images associated with the search results. Cuil’s FAQ claims that:

“We know from our research that people can make better and quicker decisions about relevance and quality when they can see an image from the website. We do our best to take images from Web pages that accurately reflect the content of the website. Many websites are full of images, so we use advanced algorithms to determine the best image to show the user.”

Hm… so why is there an image of Star Trek on an entry about my Star Wars character? And what the heck is that next to the Magir Paca entry and Pantless Wookiee’s surfboarding beach bunnies? Hm….

search results page

search results page

Sorry about the blurry image… I’ll try to get a better one uploaded tonight!


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