day in the life…

Thursday is coming to an end and I did not get back to my Verde pile.

However, I did:

  • complete the meeting notes & get feedback from Mary about unconferencing that need to go out to a few NASIG colleagues tomorrow
  • complete a review of the University Handbook and the Libraries’ tenure & promotions documents and bylaws for my faculty ad-hoc committee on tenure committees of the whole vs. part – still need to compare notes with the other member of the committee as we finalize a document needs to be sent to the faculty prior to our September meeting
  • have an email exchange concerning a Wiley invoice and prepped a couple of invoices for payment
  • review & respond to NASIG executive board emails and an email from the N&E chair
  • scan my blog feed reader and catch up on some reading
  • post a follow-up to my own post yesterday about Cuil (and spent way too much time comparing search results on Google and Cuil)
  • have lunch with son no. 2 visiting from Texas this week
  • discuss some personnel issues
  • have an informal discussion with a colleague on student budgets, document delivery, and the Friends Gala
  • write this post

I promise to work on my Verde pile tomorrow!


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