tropical storms

I have friends & family in hurricane-prone parts of the country, so I try to keep up with storms that impact those areas. I was relieved when tropical storm Edouard barely made a peep in Houston earlier this month. Now Fay is producing tornadoes and a lot of rain in Florida. My contacts in Cocoa Beach tell me that water is covering their dock and the canal would be great for surfing! The Orlando area is getting rain, rain, and more rain.

I did have to chuckle when I saw this on today:

Four catfish kept a Delta Air Lines flight from landing on time at Melbourne International Airport on Wednesday, CNN affiliate WFTV reported.

The walking catfish, which use their pectoral fins to move and can stay out of water for some time, were on the runway and airport crews had to move them before the plane could land.

Besides the catfish, crews also encountered two gopher tortoises, a blue indigo snake and an alligator, WFTV reported.

(Melbourne is on the eastern coast of Florida and has experienced some really severe weather related to Fay.)


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