Kent Anderson’s post about 1993 over at the Scholarly Kitchen made me sit back and reflect on my life back then… OMG… that was 15 years ago. That was the year I:

  • started graduate school at USF
  • used electric erasers on catalog cards (agh!) while working part-time at Rollins College
  • had occasion to use a typewriter at work and regularly referred to the NUCs
  • started writing Star Wars fiction
  • separated from my now ex-
  • bought my first desktop computer that had a 20MB harddrive! woo-hoo!
    • I never would have written fiction if the desktop computer hadn’t come along
    • I got an AOL account and discovered there were lots of women Star Wars fans though I didn’t go to my first chat room until sometime in 1994

I’d say most of 1993 was a blur so I imagine I’ve forgotten a number of other significant events from that year. Becoming “single”, dealing with 3 young children, working part-time, going to grad school & taking a GRE review class at the same time, and burying myself in writing as an escape from real life does that to a person.


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