Can librarians learn from Disney?

Tame the Web posted some notes from a new book about operations at DisneyWorld. I’ve inserted some wording in brackets to suggest library equivalents replacements in their original text and bolded some really important aspects of “the team”:

Michael writes: “I’ve long advocated for managers and library administration to dive in to the trenches as needed. I think directors and managers should be able to staff desks anywhere in their buildings. I was happy to read this:

“In busy periods the salaried [unclassified] folks would fill shifts stocking store shelves [sorting & shelving books] or flipping hamburgers [unwrapping or wrapping mail, checking out books, labeling new materials] next to hourlies. In addition to providing much-needed manpower such cross-utilization reminded everyone that they were all part of the same team. And that every role was equally valuable in creating magic for guests [users]. Cast members [All library staff] would also be regularly transferred to different departments or attractions to keep things fresh.”

Michael notes “Sometimes, looking at the negative impact on guests [users/patrons] of a new policy might sway admin decision making”. But we also need to consider that there may be tough times ahead. We are looking at new tasks and new ways of doing things, so I think we need to be considerate of each other and the work we need to do together to make this place a great experience for our user community.

Let’s create some magic here at K-State Libraries!

Oh, and while it might scare the wits out of my staff, I can still do a bit of cataloging!


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