lunchtime post… on writing

Normally I try to get away from my computer over the lunch hour. If I am not in meetings during the work week, the computer is generally attached to me… and though I hate to admit it (as if you didn’t already know), I spend many evenings and weekends sitting in front of one, too.

I am breaking my regular lunchtime routine because if I don’t, it will be hard for me to sit down at home and write some casual (i.e., not work-related) posts! I have been — okay, I’ll admit it — consumed at home by my fiction writing — and that feels great!

I previously mentioned that LFL accepted a proposal for a new short story. I worked on that a good bit over the summer. I have to turn in the 1st draft in a few days. But what has been just as exciting is the number of other “plot bunnies” that have surfaced and kept me busy on many evenings, weekends, and early mornings. I finish my morning coffee in the parking lot at work and often pull out a notebook to write in. I did a lot of writing in airports, on planes, and in restaurants the last few months. I transcribe handwritten notes and then flesh out those ideas on the computer. It’s not all Star Wars stuff either! When I say I’m writing, it may just be jotting down plot ideas, what if’s, or a whole scene that suddenly has an entire story behind it. Some (or maybe most) of these will never see the light of day but that’s okay! It’s wonderful practice. I just hope the inspiration continues!


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