blogging habits…

I’d read “How to Grow a Blog Post in 7 Easy Steps” yesterday, which prompted me to write my lunchtime post. Many of the tips the author mentioned hit the mark about my fiction-writing style, and to an obviously much lesser degree, my work- and personal- related blog posts. [Hm…. obviously much lesser… something is wrong with this grammar/sentence structure. Coffee? Where’s my coffee? oh, and by the way, I had 20 productive writing minutes in the car this morning. Don’t worry, I was parked.]

So… where was I? Oh, yes, on growing a blog post. I do need to do a better job on this blog. I actually do have a permanent draft sitting here in WordPress. It has a few bullet points – things I’d like to blog about. I need to apply some of the tips in the article to those bullets: add subheadings, find some quiet time (at work, if it’s a work post – why do those seem so much harder to write?), write the crappy first draft (oh I already do a LOT of that on the fiction side!), talk to myself (this is really easy when I’m doing fiction – I haven’t tried it with a work-type post and I definitely better close my office door if I want to try that!), and revise (or prune & trim as the author calls it – well, first I need that crappy first draft).

Write every day. That doesn’t mean post every day. More good advice from the same blogger in another post. Okay, the time I’ve allotted to share some tenure & promotion info is up. Gotta work now. Maybe I’ll get a subheading or two added to those bullet points later today.


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