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K-State’s weekly IT newsletter, InfoTech Tuesday, has a poll in this week’s issue. I wonder if the results (with only 19 respondents thus far) are indicative of the general web-savvy (or not-so-savvy) public?

What’s your preferred way to read InfoTech Tuesday?

37% via email
37% via the current website (they recently moved to blog format)
21% via a single website
5% via RSS feed
0% via Smartphone
0% Other

I’ll try to remember to check their poll later to see if/how the percentages change and update my numbers here. UPDATE on 10/2: 27 votes now in with the numbers at 33%, 33%, 22%, 11%, 0%, 0%.

I’ve mentioned I am a huge RSS fan, but I actually read their news via their current website after receiving an e-mail notification (which I don’t think we can opt out of). That e-mail has a link to the site. Their site includes the IT training calendar/events and the use of tagging provides ways to find older posts, which I find really useful. I think this is one of my regular ‘reads’ that won’t go the RSS route. Wow… considering that I even get my Star Wars news via about 6 different feeds rather than going to their websites, this seems pretty amazing and weird for me! What is the world coming to!?!?

UPDATE: Oct. 8, 51 votes in:

37% via email
31% via the current website (they recently moved to blog format)
20% via a single website
10% via RSS feed
0% via Smartphone
2% Other


3 thoughts on “web, rss, email…

  1. You can opt out of the email if you like. The email is just a K-State listserv. All faculty and staff are automatically signed up to the list. Students get sent the first issue each year but have to either manually add themselves to the list or send the newsletter an email if they want to subscribe.

    It would be nice to get away from the email all together, but seeing the results of the poll and many other interactions with readers, the majority still prefer email.

    Here’s the link for the listserv interface:


  2. Agreed. I am always shocked by the fact that rss use is still very low. I think that we are not doing a good job collectively of teaching/learning new media literacy. At the very least it seems we could have a mandatory freshman course dedicated to media literacy, learning about the library, how to do research etc. (or do that type of stuff in the mandatory speech course). These types of soft skills we seem to just leave hanging out there and expect people to learn them on their own.

    I put a poll up this week asking about rss and wrote an article briefly explaining rss. It definitely changed my online life when I discovered it.

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