an unnerving experience…

There I am, driving along minding my own business, when I notice a helicopter just to the east. We don’t get a lot of those craft flying across the skies of Manhattan — the occasional military variety go in and out of Ft. Riley next door — so I thought it might be a med-evac chopper moving some injured motorist to the hospital. But then the darn thing turned away from the direction of the hospital and started flying in circles and flying low. Really low. That gets me nervous. I’ve heard about too many chopper crashes these days and I really don’t one coming down anywhere near me! Okay… maybe it’s planning to put down somewhere nearby? It circles again and suddenly it’s almost overhead. I spot KHP on the bottom side — Kansas Highway Patrol. (I didn’t do anything! Honest!) I pull into Eastside Market on HY24, which is where I was headed to pick up some tomatoes and fresh fruit ($31!), watched the chopper do it’s low circle again, then finally spotted the police and KHP cars across HY24 at a hotel where they’d put up the police tape. That doesn’t look good. Turn on the radio — nothing. Guess I’ll have to read tomorrow’s paper unless the Topeka TV news crews pick up the story and I happen to catch it tonight.

UPDATE 10/13: the police discovered the dead body of an 18 year old girl. Definitely foul play. (Something else that rarely happens in this Manhattan.)


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