We are heavily into collection stats at the library of late — we’ve been pulling our FY08 numbers and revamping the way we publish that information — but this post is NOT about library stats. It’s about my FLICKR and WordPress stats!

I have been incredibly impressed by the regular hits on this blog — no huge fan base, but still, regular hits — especially considering my so-so posting habits! I frequently take a look at the search terms people use to stumble upon my blog. The terms I see popping up most often are “library christmas card” or “library holiday card”, “k-state cheerleaders”, and “masked women”. Star Wars pops in there now & then. “Merlin” has been a more recent, popular search. My biggest “hits” day was 1 day back in mid-April, when there were 71 views on my site. That’s very cool!

I took a look at my FLICKR stats for the first time yesterday. The most popular photo on my site is one I took at Star Wars Celebration IV of actor Sam Witwer (1349 views), followed by one of actress Nathalie Cox (1178 views) at that same convention in 2007. (They even beat out Carrie Fisher! Okay, a test: I notice that Carrie’s name was only in the photo description, so I’ve added her to title. Let’s see if that one moves up in the ranks!) They both “star” in the new game “The Force UnLeashed“. The photo I took of the remains of Waters True Value Hardware after the June ’08 tornado is in 3rd place with 357 views. (I won’t link to any of these here ’cause then the stats will go way up, right?)

Forty-nine percent of the views come by way of the FLICKR search engine; 30% from other search engines (with outpacing yahoo images 3 to 1); and interestingly enough 4% of the traffic originates from this blog! It’s rather fun to look through these numbers!


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