I paid $1.91 a gallon for regular unleaded gas this morning with my 15cents/gal discount. But whoa… $1.91.  I really didn’t think I’d ever see anything less than $2 again. (Do you remember my Envy post a few weeks ago when I took a picture of a sign in Wichita where gas was $2.76?)

Okay… shall we take bets now? What will gas cost next weekend, just a few days after the election?


3 thoughts on “$1.91

  1. Right now it’s about $2.20 in Milwaukee (the only reason I noticed is that my GOTV staging location is near a gas station). I would guess that by next weekend in Milwaukee it will be back up to $2.45 or more.

    I know I’m a freak, but I’m actually disappointed that gas has dropped below $3. (I think higher gas prices are a good motivator for driving less, moving to public transport / bicycles / carpools, locally sourced food, and so on.)

  2. I agree. We’ve been spoiled for far too long by the gov keeping prices artificially low here. It’s prevented us from getting really serious about alternative fuels & public transportation. If big oil didn’t have so much influence on our politics, it seems that we would’ve made great strides since the gas crises of the 70s. But… where are we now? Not too far ahead at all.

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