RSS coming into its own?

Via Library Stuff: Poll: Is RSS Mainstream?

I’ve been using a feedreader (or two) to monitor hot topics in libraryland, as well as to keep up on Star Wars and national, regional and local news, for a couple of years. I don’t have to log on to check the status updates of my Facebook friends, I get those through my NetVibes feed reader or via my iGoogle portal. I don’t have to go to 100 different webpages or blogs to catch up on the news. (Who has time for that anyway?) I even know when my FLICKR contacts add photos; or when someone adds a “Cornwall” tag. My feed reader is a one-stop shop!  But it never ceases to amaze me to still hear colleagues say they don’t have time to set up, monitor, or read feeds. In less than 10 minutes, I can quickly glance at headlines from all the sites I monitor. [Just checked: I have 111 feeds in my google reader (italics here & above added 11/22.)] I read some, ignore others, and save some for future reading.

Three hundred folks (so far) have taken the “Is RSS mainstream” poll. Forty-five percent think that RSS is close, but not yet quite mainstream. Twenty-seven percent say “no, and not anytime soon.”  One individual who commented said we need to stop calling it RSS syndication, which sounds way too techie! He suggests we call it something easy to understand like “Get updates to this page automatically”.  Librarians have been trying to get rid of ‘library-ese’ in our buildings for a while. Circulation. Charged. Reference Desk. This is right up our alley.

Now… go forth and get updates to this (and other pages) automatically!


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