the holiday special…

The Star Wars Holiday Special, that is…

How can I let November pass without recognizing that November 17, 2008 is the 30th anniversary of the televising of one of the most awful pieces of SW to be produced since 1977. Yeah, there’s actually bad SW stuff out there, even I will admit that. However, there is a bright side to the SWHS: that cool bounty hunter Boba Fett made his first appearance on the show! The folks over at are showing they have a sense of humor, too, by posting a lot of articles about the show here and here.

Three years ago I had a Holiday Special-themed Christmas party for co-workers and the high school boys’ swim team (don’t ask). I think only one of my co-workers had even heard about the Holiday Special but quite a few others were willing to check it out — they thought I was joking when I talked about Life Day, Carrie attempting to sing, Mark’s haircut (agh!), and Chewbacca & family grr-ing for an excruciating 15-20 minutes. Talk about painful. Ah, well…. happy anniversary anyway.


2 thoughts on “the holiday special…

  1. I think this was the party I tried to go to but couldn’t find your house. Or I’m imagining it. I don’t know many people who have Star Wars themed parties. Only really cool fun people do that.

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