the meetings just get more interesting…

Budget cuts, reorganization, and integrated library systems evaluation. Hot topics, eh? Not only hot, but also painful for a variety of reasons.

The budget cuts remind us that we are a microcosm of the ugly state of the economy. Kansas has not been as hard hit as other states but a university library doesn’t have a lot of wiggle room when trying to find where to cut expenditures. Can you say monograph cuts? Serials cancellation?

Revamping the structure of the organization to meet future (and current) needs will potentially cut across departments. Can we avoid being like politicians, always looking out for re-election, trying to save our own skins?

And ILS evals – I had hoped that I would never have to go through another system migration. (I must have been delusional!)

Is there anything positive about what’s to come? Well… we have opportunities to be become more efficient and more effective. Many of us may get to take on new tasks, new roles. We’ll be able to trim some fat. Will it be easy? No. Will it be painless? No. Will we survive? You bet!


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